Innovation is what agile is all about. We operate in highly dynamic environment. We need not just new products and services but also innovation in functional processes. This is how MEDCO INNOVATION CENTER (MIC) was born. MIC is all about using our 108 years’ experience in the Petroleum Industry to be the very best at every stage of what we do, from importing, to distributing, to operating and servicing customers. MIC is about empowering the ability and the agility to read and act on signals of change to experiment rapidly and frequently-not only with products and services but also with business models, processes and strategies. The MEDCO Innovation Center is all about motivating our Human Energies and partners by Destroying the barriers to Agile Behaviors by getting everyone on the same page Focus on teams, not individuals Lead with questions, not orders Adaptability is the new competitive advantage MIC reflects MEDCO’s values and principles, and above all, to always move forward.