Why Medco?

MEDCO’s mission is to move people from one station to another in their lives.

MEDCO is the oldest Lebanese importer and distributor of quality refined petroleum products. Young at heart, we fuel the market with innovation and value-added services while putting the customer First.

MEDCO’s Human, intangible, tangible, financial, fixed and current assets boost our differentiation. Our daily mission is to serve and fulfill the community we evolve in, propelled by e-motion to excel for the benefits of our customers, human energies, shareholders and suppliers.

Core Values


We are committed to world-class customer service and quality as we excel for the mutual business of our customers, human energies and partners.

Our professionals are customer-driven and continually add value to our services whenever it benefits our clients. We are committed to working toward excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Honesty and Integrity

“If you can’t do it, we don’t commit”
Our business is based on long term relationships that require utmost trust. We require honesty and integrity from everyone and in everything we do.

We are accountable to our customers, owners, suppliers and fellow employees. We do what we say we are going to do. We set the right tone. We take the right path. We do good. We never indulge, benefit or fall under temptation.


We always think outside the box to provide the best solutions for our market, first. Our best solutions often evolve from discussions across different divisions and with our many strategic partners.

Our innovations lead to being the First Lebanese Petroleum Importer and Distributor of the market as we have introduced many new products and services to the market, first.  

working with passion

MEDCOers are passionate about their purpose, beyond delivering petroleum products, they deliver positive energy. They exceed customer expectations and deliver a unique and exceptional experience. Serving others is a privilege and an honor, MEDCOers will never give up.

MEDCOers are
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