MEDCO testimonials

Very good service, order is always delivered on time.
Big like for Linda, she is an excellent driver.


I needed flexibility, reliability and service I can trust, I found in medco the sparkle of Pepsi ! from the in-house station to the outdoor stations network to cover all my distribution centers needs in energy, MEDCO’s Liters system met my highest expectations of service since 1993. It’s all about servicing volume with a passion for detail.

walid assaf

I wanted gasoline for the Red Cross ambulances, on call, round the clock, in difficult times and anywhere across Lebanon. We chose MEDCO’s Liters Plus card program because it has the largest network, 255 service stations to serve our life saving missions. It’s all about efficiency in maximum locations.

rosy boulos

Growth is about innovation, motivation and timely decision. Ten years ago INDEVCO chose MEDCO as partner-of-choice for its fuel management initiative. As Liters Plus Members, we have been able to centralize and automate fuel procurement for our manufacturing plants and fleets across Lebanon in an optimized balance between quality service and budget control. MEDCO is always proactive to solve our fuel – related challenges.

neemat frem

With our nationwide team of 400 postmen, mobility is at the heart of our business. Choosing a reliable partner for our motor fleet support intrinsically impacts our service quality and our cost control. MEDCO matched the profile, providing a nationwide, 24/7 servicing and value added services. Our vehicles have Liters Plus Smart Business cards with monthly gasoline limits, our generators are filled with Diesel Oil on a regular basis and our product range got larger as we sell MEDCO’s prepaid electronic purse chip cards “e-motion” at our post offices, an exchange “comme une lettre a la poste”

khalil daoud

people’s comments

Mohammad Ibrahim Senior fleet park coordinator – Pikasso

I am writing this to congratulate you and your team for the quality service provided today, I appreciate the way you have trained you staff and the way they are following their duty perfectly, your technician Mr. Gabriel was very professional, polite and helpful, I was watching the way he works, it is obvious that he is following a perfect policy that doesn’t ignore any details that my distort his work or the company image.

You should certainly feel proud of such resources who can bring in goodwill for the company. Your great service make us feel that you care about developing a long term relationship more than making a sale, I would love to recommend your new service to anyone who needs a perfect oil change for his car. Keep up the good work.
A big thanks for your continues support , we can’t ignore your effort which makes MEDCO on the top.

Elie Jammal Chief Administrative Officer at Sogelec engineering S.A.R.L

Please allow me to thank you for the outstanding service that you provided in 2016.
I would like to point out that it is clear to us, your customers, that you do your utmost best to provide us with solutions to the challenges that we create for you.
Regardless of how many mishaps and trouble we faced, you always tackled them positively and tried to sort them out. Not only were you active, but many times proactive and tried to take your service to a new level while always trying to iron out the glitches that were being faced along the way.
Wishing you and all the Medco team a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year. May it bring you more synchronization and prosperity.

Let Medco know how lucky they are to have a team like you, who actually works for the betterment of the company and not just fills time and duties.

chadi el bitar

I want to congratulate Medco and yourself for the high professionalism of your washing team. Both gentlemen are energetic, polite, helpful, and ready to do the needful for a perfect result. In addition both of them have smiley faces.

Mirna Sarkis

I very much admired “energetically yours” & “MEDCOer”. These simple things makes MEDCO excel compared to your competitors.