Rba7 benzin ma3 MEDCO !
You are filling gas once or twice a week? It’s about time you got loyalty points for a recurrent action! Mymedco Loyalty app is the one and only Fuel loyalty program offered by MEDCO. Motorists earn points for every filling of any product or service and redeem them against free gas, Car Wash, Lunch box, Lubes etc… You can now say “el 7ayet tefwileh w 3ata”! Download the Medco app now and benefit from it to collect points by scanning your invoice at the station, redeem your points to any service at the station whether a car wash (ghassil) an oil change (zayyit), a lunch from the convenience stores (nafis) or fill your car (fawil). As Sharing is caring, you can also donate your points to an NGO of your choice! Many features are also present within this app such as Medco pay, the first merchant mobile payment in the Middle East, the Blue Pages, MEDCO’s community in which the user can apply for a job in his neighborhood or find a service provider close by. The mymedco loyalty app also allows you to CALL 4 services are everything you need: you can call 4 Diesel, wash, oil, tankeh, or ice! To keep it short, download our SUPER app and discover/benefit mennak la 7alak all these options!