Operation Heat Homes
Operation Heat Homes

Sharing is Caring!

Giving Back to people has been engraved in our culture since 1910, no matter the hardships. Compassion and solidarity defines us as Lebanese.

MEDCO Monsef, MEDCO Taanayel and MEDCO Zahle Big Hearted stations have decided to team up to spread the true meaning of Christmas by distributing diesel coupons to 500 families in need so they can stay warm during this cold season.

YOU now have two options to donate on our website www.medco.com.lb or mymedco app

  • Either by giving an extra 5,000 LBP when ordering diesel for your home
  • Or by buying coupons of 1 Tank of 20 Lts of diesel

Operation Heat Homes is about caring for one another because a small gesture can make a BIG difference in someone’s life.

Warm homes. Warm hearts.