MEDCO's Online Station

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Online businesses are nowadays the most popular form of successful businesses in which people can get whatever they need from the comfort of their home.

But what about an online station?

This is what MEDCO, the lebanese centennial petroleum company has been promoting for the past 2 years all over Lebanon and growing at the same time. A replication of a service station but online.

All you need to do is get into their website or mobile app (My MEDCO app) and choose the service you want delivered to your home.

Medco is working in changing the traditional behavior of ordering and shifting to online to make the customer's life easier.

Why is it a successful form of business? Well because MEDCO is a petroleum company and therefore is selling a need. Something everyone wants and that can be hassle sometimes to be ordered through the phone.

The online station has many advantages such as: Accuracy, Rapidity, Credibility and is user friendly. We want to offer the guest, the best experience ever. We want to change his perception of gas stations,to a more advanced and reliable one. Its kind of a change of habits that will benefit him and spare him lots of time.

Online orders can be placed 24/7 on our platforms, offering many delivery options for diesel such as

  • Medco express: same day delivery
  • Medco mercury: delivery within 24 hours
  • Medco chill: delivery within 3 days

We deliver all kinds of products: Diesel Gasoline LPG You can also use our Call 4 Oil service and book an oil change appointment for your car at Home.

Also, along the wide network of 206 service stations across Lebanon, MEDCO has its own c-stores called Yala Stop within the service stations that are also delivering groceries online through Instashop app and adopting new security measures in-store to prevent the spread of covid-19 such as limiting the number of people in-store, setting plexi walls between cashiers and guests and many more precautions.