MEDCO relentlessly deploys its 2 C-STORE REBRANDS
MEDCO relentlessly deploys its 2 C-STORE REBRANDS

In 1992, our First Calmart was born at Phoenicia petroleum station out of a simple question " How to make drivers and neighbors lives easier?"


A year later, the expansion led to the rise of another brand called Medmart available in  Medco service stations.


As the years went by, the network and popularity of our c-stores grew due to the availability of a wide range of products, the quality of service and the overall convenience of the whole concept. 


28 years later, 25 c-stores were born. 

And as we always aim to innovate and deliver the best experience ever to our consumers, a new concept was born on November 2018 at MEDCO Beirut Central District: the opening of the First Yala Stop c-store followed by Yala takeh few months later. 


The expansion was fast, and within a year, 10 branches were already spread across the country. 


The popularity of the concepts was mainly because it is not a usual c-store. It is an experience. 


2 years later, Yala super dekenehs are now replacing all MEDMART & CALMART c-stores and as we are turning the page on these stores after many years, we are welcoming today a wide network of 2 exciting brands: Yala Stop & Yala Takeh. 

Yala Stop was born to satisfy. 

Yala Stop is a need to resume our busy lives. 

Yala Stop is all about the Lebanese Human Energy that works 24/7 to brighten up your day and give you the friendliest experience.

It is about fresh sandwiches and salads with local flavors along with all the groceries you need. 

It is about creating experiences and networking over a coffee from our own fresh coffee blend Yala Ahwe. 


Yala takeh is about a smaller scale store with the same vibe. A store in which conveniency is key. Where products are highlighted and displayed for a quick takeh yet efficient experience. 


Why Yala? Simply because, Yala is the most common and used “Lebanese” word constantly living on the fast lane and we are proud to be 100% Lebanese. 


Today, we welcome you at Yala Stop in the following locations:

• At MEDCO stations in: Beirut Central District, Chevrolet, Jal el dib, Chiyah, Taanayel, Zouk Mosbeh, Espace, Corniche el mazraa, Bauchriyeh, Dora, Monsef, Adonis, Ballouneh, Dbayeh,Mar Roukoz, Fanar

• At the following Phoenicia stations: Baabda, St.Rita - Sin el fil, Unesco , Monteverde, Zouk, Sin el fil el kobra, Adlieh

And at Yala takeh in the following neighborhoods:

• At the following MEDCO stations: Ashrafieh, Fassouh, Choueifat, Ferzol, Sidani, Cornet Chehwane, Haret Hreik, Aley, Jourt el ballout, Jiyyeh, Mar Chaaya, Damour, Ain el delb,Lyon, Bachoura, Reyfoun, Thoum, Bikfaya, Dhour Choueir

MEDCO is always on the move for you, in one word saying w Yala nkaffeh! Kel takeh!