Gasoline Crisis: Most Frequesntly Asked Questions. MEDCO Answers
Gasoline Crisis: Most Frequesntly Asked Questions. MEDCO Answers

Q1) What is the gasoline crisis all about ?

A) We are all victims of the financial crisis Lebanon is going through. Subsidized products are subjects to funds availability at the Central Bank. Financial resources are decreasing on a national level to cover the subsidies which directly impacts the slowdown of importation cycles which will automatically lead to scarcity of products. This external financial factor is causing a supply problem in the country.

Q2) Why are stations opening for few hours per day? Why are stations operating 1 or 2 pumps only?

A) Our hearts, thoughts and compassion go out to you queuing at the service stations. Stations are opening for shorter hours because of a limited stock capacity/day. They close when they are out of stock. If all pumps were to open at once and fill full tanks, this capacity would be consumed much faster and for less cars. (For example, in 2 hours serving only 100 cars instead of fueling 1,000 cars per station during a full working day on dedicated lanes.) Moreover, dedicated lanes ensure better absorption of the rush effect, respect of others and public safety for all.

Q3) Why are stations closed in some areas ?

A) All our stations are open across the country.

If you pass by a closed station it must be for 1 of the following 2 reasons:

  1. Out of stock. Waiting for the next day to replenish
  2. Stations that close earlier might have been experiencing civil unrest. Thus, they close for public safety.

Q4) When will subsidies be lifted on gasoline ? and will subsidies be lifted gradually or once and for all ?

A) As of June 29, new measures have been adopted to minimize the financial weight of the subsidies on the Central Bank by having a USD for gasoline on 3,900 LBP for a limited period before lifting the subsidies completely. 20 lts now cost 70,100 LBP for gasoline and 54,400 LBP for diesel. Lifting subsidies completely could result in a gasoline tank of 200,000 LBP and more.

Q5) What will the price of a gasoline tank be if subsidies were to be lifted ?

A) It will depend on the daily USD rate of the moment.

Q6) Are there other options to fill faster & avoid queues at the stations & will there still be Propell 98 & 95 ?

A)For your own safety, there is no way to fill faster for the time being. As a solution to the intense queues, MEDCO has presented a proposal to the relevant stakeholders consisting of lifting the subsidies on 98 octane. This idea would give choice to sensitive businesses & humanitarian vehicles to be able to fill faster, in dedicated stations, reserved for 98 octane and would minimize the financial weight on the Central Bank. Moreover, if adopted, it would also give a choice to the consumers who can afford a non-subsidized product but can’t afford to waste time at the station.

Q7) Why are we still waiting in line? Is gasoline being stocked till subsidies are lifted so it is sold at a higher price ?

A)Since October 2019, MEDCO has been supplying its network in the SAME way and quantities it was doing so BEFORE the crisis. MEDCO has been distributing on a continuous basis, on average around 1,000,000 Liters of gasoline 95 & 98 Octane and Diesel PER DAY to its network of 206 service stations and to its retail customers (humanitarian companies and homes) across Lebanon. The market is so thirsty, anxious and panicked that quantities are running out faster. This is why you are not feeling that the crisis is easing and queues are decreasing. Which shows that you are dealing with:

  1. High demand
  2. Low stocks on a national level
  3. High anxiety, causing a panic effect

Q8) Why can't we have special lanes at the stations ?

A)Special lanes & special hours revealed to be unsafe and impossible to organize in a professional manner. We suggest you help us minimize the impact of the crisis by:

  1. Reducing your consumption
  2. Working online
  3. If you can't work online, hire a company bus to pick up your teams
  4. Carpool & save your gasoline for essential trips
  5. Don't store gasoline: it is highly dangerous and worsen the crisis 

Q9) Can I issue a Liters Plus card ?

A)For more information, you can call us on 1295 ext 613

Q10) How can I order diesel ?

A) Place your order on or through mymedco app for 24 hours Express delivery or MEDCO Chill 3 day delivery.

Q11) Why are diesel orders taking time to be delivered ?

A) Place your orders 10 days in advance in these current circumstances exceptionally, so you plan ahead and never be out of stock.

Q12) What are the actions taken by MEDCO ?

A) Our 750 Human Energies are mobilized for you, every day, to fill you with solutions on how to make your mobility easier and minimize your business disruption:

  1. Full tank tefwileh to all the Liters Plus cardholders in our company operated stations
  2. 24/7 hotline on ‪03 784 125 to be redirected to stations
  3. Online diesel orders in 24 hours or in 3 days by downloading mymedco app or through our website
  4. Fuel management solutions for large fleets
  5. Deployment of more than 15 private stations
  6. Finding fueling solutions for you for the past 111 years and for the next 111 years so we keep on moving you from one station to another in your lives